Hello! My name is Meghan, an NYC-based designer with a knack for research-driven, visual problem-solving with a holistic approach to achieving user-focused results.
I have a background in graphic design, with experience in packaging, and textile design. I have recently completed a UX Design Certificate with BrainStation, where I learned best practices for user research, wireframes, prototypes, testing, and using Figma. Additionally, I have continued to learn a lot from my mentor, RJ, UX Designer at IBM. 
I am excited about the challenges and growth opportunities UI/UX will bring. Likewise, detective puzzle games have always intrigued me, and UX shares a lot of the same principles, such as, conducting interviews, finding clues, and piecing it all together to find out the big mystery - in this case, how can we meet our users' needs?
Lastly, I enjoy nature, birds, watercolor, drawing, cooking, baking, being a goofball, and gaming.
Areas of Expertise
Textile/Surface Design
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign​​​​​​​

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