While working at Indigo Home Inc. I was tasked to come up with a sustainable brand identity and package design.
Discovery + Opportunity:
There was research involved concerning the product, and how it can be portrayed as both sustainable and appealing to customers. 
Project Scope
1. Create a unique brand name
2. Design logo and branding
3. Design package inserts and hangtags
4. Copy-write information on the packaging
5. Source bag for the product
A reusable, natural canvas bag was used as the centerpiece to hold this sustainably made product. In addition, natural earth tones and vital callouts were pronounced on the packaging.
Please see below for more details on the process. 
Brand Name / Logo Design
Initially, I was tasked with coming up with name concepts for this product. I worked with the design team and we finally landed on Botanic Cloth Co.  
Initial Logo concept
Taking inspiration from both nature and textiles, the original logo concept included the threading of botanical leaves through a needle. 
Preliminary logo design and color concepts for Botanic Cloth Co.
Package Designs
Reusable canvas bag design with printed logo on the front & back, hangtags to give more product information.
Botanic Cloth Co. - Front of Comforter Bag
Botanic Cloth Co. - Back of Comforter Bag
Providing the user with iconic symbols showcasing the main features of the product.

Botanic Cloth Co. Custom Icons for packaging

" With rich hues from plants and flowers, bring nature into your home with Botanic Cloth Co. bed linens. Every detail is sustainably crafted, down to the natural fibers and biodegradable process. Not only will your skin enjoy the benefits of chemical-free dyes, but the environment will also thank you."
Botanic Cloth Co. - Front of Duvet Bag

Botanic Cloth Co. Insert Artwork

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